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"Loved the service and love the lenses." - Vincent D.

Terms & Conditions

1. General Information

We really want you to be happy with your new lenses. As one of the best sources for replacement lenses, we take pride in high quality and accuracy.

2. Prescription Lens Returns

We are making these lenses just for you, so we can’t sell them to someone else if you change your mind. If you decide you wanted a different option or coating, we have to remake the entire pair of lenses from scratch. If the lenses match the prescription we received from you and they are edged correctly, you should love them. If we make a mistake, we will do our best to make it right.

If you need to return something, please email us for a return authorization number. We don't want your frames to get lost so we need this number on the outside of the package so we can make sure that it goes to the right place. If you decide not to do this, we will have the the nice postman return it to you so you can take another crack at doing it right. Send email to: support@lensfactory.com

We will take a second swing at if we can find something to fix, If not, we will refund the lens purchase price and wish you luck with a local eye-wear store where you an get more hands on attention.

Returns should be sent prepaid and insured for the for full value to you by UPS, Federal Express or the United States Post Office with a tracking number. If you elect to send the package without tracking, that's great but if it gets lost, you will be on your own to find it and that is probably not worth the 2 bucks you saved.

3807 Bishop Lane
Louisville, Ky 40218

Returns are normally processed within 2 days once the item is back in our hands. The clock starts ticking the business day following our receipt of the product. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. We will notify you of any delays and will do our best to rectify any errors as quickly as possible.

3. Prescription Guarantee

We guarantee 100% accuracy on all prescriptions or they will be remade at no charge. All prescription eyeglasses pass a strict quality control inspection. The lenses are checked at five times for accuracy. We pride ourselves in our workmanship. Accurately filling your prescription is our number one priority. In the unlikely event that an error makes it through our system, we will slap the wrist of the person who did it and remake the lenses to our 100% accuracy standard.

4. Receiving Damaged or Incorrect Product

If there is extensive damage to the package when it arrives, refuse the order. If you receive a damaged package, send an email to support@lensfactory.com

5. Prescription Lenses

Every prescription lens we supply automatically comes with a scratch-resistant coating, whereas, most optical companies charge an additional fee for this coating. However, no lens is scratch proof and rough handling or incorrect cleaning can still scuff them up or create surface scratches. Treat your new lenses nicely and they will be nice to you. Rinse your lenses under warm water and dry them with a soft cloth to clean them. That special cloth that your doctor gave you several years ago was great when it was new but accumulates grit will scratch you lenses, wash it at least.

In the event your lenses scratch to the point you want them replaced, we offer a one (1) time replacement of scratched lenses within a year of purchase date for only 50% of the original cost of the lenses, plus return shipping charges. Please be advised that all shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.

6. Putting New Lenses Into Your Own Frame

Simply mail us the frame and a copy of the prescription for the lenses you want put in your frame. We will make your new lenses and mount them in your frame and return them to you. Click on the what do I do tab on the main page for more information.

Please Note: The skilled craftsmen at LensFactory will handle your frames carefully. If they are fragile or your dog chewed on them we may need to return them without filling your prescription. Don't send us something that is falling apart, it will just waste our time and it would be a bad investment anyway.

7. Can I Cancel My Order?

You can cancel an order if you do it fast, if we start processing your lenses, we will need to complete them and ship them to you.

8. Privacy Policy

LensFactory respects the privacy and confidentiality of individuals who visit our web site located at LensFactory.com. LensFactory maintains this Privacy Policy to help you understand our commitment to safeguard the privacy of the information you provide to us on this website. This Privacy Policy outlines the information which LensFactory will collect from you on the LensFactory.com website and how we will use that information.

Collection of Your Personal Information by LensFactory.com

LensFactory mission is to provide you with personalized services and offerings. To do so effectively, LensFactory.com collects the following information:

(a) Personally Identifiable Information. LensFactory, through the use of the LensFactory.com website, only collects personally identifiable information about you when you voluntarily provide such personally identifiable information to LensFactory.com using the LensFactory.com website. If you do not wish your personally identifiable information to be collected, please do not submit it.

(b) Information from the Use of “Cookies”. The LensFactory.com website might employ “cookie” technology at times. Cookies are small pieces of data stored in files on your computer allowing the LensFactory.com website to track your use of the LensFactory.com website as you visit and revisit the LensFactory.com. The use of cookies by the LensFactory.com website complies with generally accepted programming standards and practices. Please note that you can choose to block the use of cookies through settings in your web browser but be advised that certain features of the LensFactory.com website may not work properly without them.

Use of Your Information by LensFactory.com

It is the policy of LensFactory.com not to sell, share, transfer, or rent to third parties any information you provide to LensFactory.com, through the use of the LensFactory.com website, without your written consent except as required by operation of the law or in compliance with legal authorities; provided, however LensFactory.com may share your personal information with certain third parties (“Target Third Parties”) without your written consent in order to further the purpose for which you voluntarily provide LensFactory.com with the information. Additionally, LensFactory.com engages third party information management service providers to help maintain efficient operations. Because such information management service providers may access our systems, such information management service providers may have access to your information. LensFactory.com does not transfer or relinquish ownership of information maintained about you within LensFactory.com systems and databases to such information management service providers but requires these information management service providers to sign confidentiality agreements to keep all confidential information and other proprietary information found in our systems confidential.

LensFactory.com routinely collects, compiles, and reports statistics and information reflecting the use of the LensFactory.com website and information services in order to enhance advertising services, improve marketing and promotional efforts, analyze LensFactory.com website usage, improve LensFactory.com’s content and layout, generate aggregate reports on trends, interests and behavior and enhance service offerings.

LensFactory.com reserves the right to take any action LensFactory.com deems prudent or necessary to safeguard the LensFactory.com website and your information in the LensFactory.com systems and databases from malicious or unwarranted attack by viruses, hackers, or other miscreants.

Collection and Use of Your Information by Third Parties

Please note that when third parties offer services on and through the LensFactory.com website. We assume each such third party has its own internal privacy policy and data collection and use practices. LensFactory.com does not have any responsibility for their practices.

Changing and Deleting Your Personal Information

You may request LensFactory.com change or delete your personal information in LensFactory.com systems and databases by submitting a detailed description of the desired action to the following e-mail address: support@lensfactory.com Please note that after LensFactory.com processes a change or deletes your personal information from active LensFactory.com systems and databases, it is possible that non-active residual copies of your information may still exist in LensFactory.com systems and on archive or backup media.

Your Consent

By using the LensFactory.com website, you consent to the collection and use of the above-described information by LensFactory.com (and Target Third Parties, in which case, once such Target Third Party is in possession of your information, we can not control such Target Third Party’s use of your information). If you do not agree with the terms and conditions stated in this Privacy Policy, please do not access or use the LensFactory.com website.

Your Questions and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or any of LensFactory.com’s use of your information, please contact LensFactory.com at the following e-mail address: support@lensfactory.com

Changes to this Privacy Policy

On occasion LensFactory.com may amend or change this Privacy Policy by updating or revising this posting, with the revised terms taking effect as of the date of its posting.

9. Security Policy

LensFactory.com has put in place security measures to protect the loss, misuse, or theft of information under our control. All transactions are protected by Thawte, a world-renowned online security system, ensuring as far as possible that every transaction is 100% safe.

With the rise in fraudulent use of credit card information over the Internet, LensFactory.com takes credit card security very seriously. Our accounting department may at time request additional information regarding the credit card account that is being used during a purchase to ensure that no improper use takes place. We have your best interests at heart and believe you will appreciate our conviction to your security. We do apologize for any inconvenience if asked to present additional information regarding billing to your credit card.

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