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"Loved the service and love the lenses." - Vincent D.


Q. Where do I enter my prescription?

A. We don't need your prescription because we can very accurately measure it off of your existing lenses, even if they are badly scratched. If you have a new prescription, include a copy when you ship your glasses in and we will have a licensed optician carefully interpret it.

Q. Is the price per lens or per pair?

A. All lenses are sold in pairs and the price you see is your total for both lenses. In most cases we can't offer single lens replacement due to the way the material and lens blanks are sold to us.

Q. Do I have to pick the same lens options that I currently have?

A. The lens Type needs to either match the lenses currently in the glasses you send in, or match the prescription you send us. The other options, Color and Coating, can be whatever you would like regardless of whether they match your current lenses.

Q. What do you do with my old lenses?

A. In most cases, we send them back to you. That way, they can help address any issues that might come up down the road (rare as those may be).

Q. Can I ship my glasses in a case, and will I get it back?

A. Shipping your glasses in a case is a great way to protect them. We keep the case and glasses together during the relens process, and will ship them back together as well.

Q. How do you make sure my lenses fit correctly in my frames?

A. When we receive your glasses, we read the lenses in a lensometer. This process includes locating and measuring your lenses fitting height and the distance between the optical centers. This procedure allows our technicians to fit the new lenses in the same position as your old lenses. So here is a critical tip one more time: Don't send us glasses that belonged to someone else or that really sucked, we will locate your lenses incorrectly if you do, and that isn't any fun for either one of us.

Q. What do I do after I find the lenses I want?

A.  Simply add the options you want with your lenses and click Add to Cart to place your order. If you request a free shipping kit, you'll receive it in 2-3 days. You may also opt to pack up your glasses with a copy of your prescription with your pupil distance or PD, along with the receipt we E-mail you, and send them to us. Please be sure to send us a copy of your lastest prescription with your glasses and our lab opticians will decode it for you. Then your job is done. We will replace your lenses and ship your glasses back to you with your new glasses in them. 

Q. What is your mailing address?

A.  Our mailing address is:
3807 Bishop Lane
Louisville, KY 40218

Q. What brand lenses do you offer?

A. We use the highest quality lens blanks and products we can get. These are our major suppliers: Essilor, Vision-Ease, KBCo, Hoya, Varilux, X-Cel, Zeiss, Somo, Sola and Optical Dynamics. Some brands only available in Glass.

Q. I found some lovely studious looking readers at the dollar store for a buck. Can I get new lenses in them?

A. Most low cost readers (read cheap) are made with cost as the primary goal. As a result the frames don't have screws in them to remove and re-insert the lens. The short answer is no. Put your nice new lenses in a quality frame and you will be happier.

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