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Eyeglass Startup Focuses on Lenses, Bridges Gap Between Manufacturers and ConsumersLensFactory, an online eyeglass lens replacement startup, focuses on giving eyeglass wearers unparalleled value though direct access to large national lens manufacturers.LensFactory is a new way to get eyeglass lenses online which bypasses middlemen and retail markup. When new eyeglasses are purchased online or at a [...]

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LensFactory is BBB Accredited

At LensFactory, we always pursue the highest levels of honesty, transparency and customer satisfaction. So it was an easy decision to become a Better Business Bureau member to let everyone know that we are held accountable. Feel free to check us out LensFactory at BBB.org or leave us a customer review.

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Where do I enter my prescription?

When placing an order for new eyeglass lenses on LensFactory, there are no fields requiring that you enter your prescription. This is by design and there are a few reasons why: We don't charge more based on prescription - Our prices are set by material and options, not by the details of your prescription. So you [...]

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About LensFactory

LensFactory was originally founded under the name RelensMyFrames, with the goal of providing eyeglass wearers with unparalleled access to large national optical labs. The prescription lenses these labs (who typically only operate business to business) manufacture go through substantial price markups by the time a customer can purchase them though a retail store. RelensMyFrames set out [...]

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About Our Lab

Our stunning lab has been producing finished prescription lenses for some of the biggest retail and online eyeglass stores around. LensFactory.com gives you unparalelled access to that lab which has never before been available to the general public. The result is the lowest possible prices on the highest quality lenses. Customers ask us all the time [...]

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